container storage

Containers are strong, secure and are a popular choice for storing a variety of cargo. If you are a small home business with no space for inventory storage or need a secure location to store your valuable and memorable things for many years, then shipping container storage is a great option for you in Melbourne.

    At Victorian Transport Company, our warehousing and container yard is a huge place protected around the clock with 24/7 security and camera surveillance to offer you a robust and safe location for container storage in Melbourne.

    We have seen a variety of reasons why Melbournians have opted to store goods, business inventory or personal products in the safety of our shipping containers.

    Here are a few of them:

    1. Structurally speaking, shipping containers are sound, sturdy and are an extremely secure storage space.
    2. Shipping containers were primarily built for sea voyage that means they are built to be waterproof. This ensures that your goods and products stored within the shipping containers will be protected even in the most unexpected weathers.
    3. Shipping containers are about 20′ to 40′ in length and are large enough to fit even the biggest of your possessions. If you are thinking of storing a car, furniture, boats or caravans, you can easily use shipping container storage.
    4. Need a place in between your moving to hold extra items from your office or home? Container storage in Melbourne is an ideal option at affordable pricing.
    5. Shipping container storage in Melbourne offers a low-cost alternative from renting to storing your household things if you are going away for few months and do not wish to pay steep rent unnecessarily.
    6. Any kind of storage is possible within the shipping container.

    Victorian Transport Company offers shipping storage containers in Melbourne for both short and long term at very cheap prices. We can also provide high quality, fully secured containers that we own to store your goods with access to your container so you can grab or drop your goods at any time. We provide flexible solutions to make your container storage options work for you, which allows you to do online business from home without worrying about your goods’ storage. Our yard is equipped with 24hr security camera surveillance to ensure the safety of your goods.

    Wish to know more about shipping containers storage options in Melbourne, the size, the timing, prices? Give us a call and we’ll walk you through the various choices.

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