At Victorian Transport, our services are not just limited to side loader deliveries, we also have variety of standard trailers ranging from 20ft trailers for tricky delivery points where it’s hard to fit with conventional 40ft trailers, retractable skel trailers to distribute the weight of heavy 20’ containers to comply with road regulations, standard trailers that can carry open toppers, tanks, reefers or flat rack containers. We specialise in container transport and we will help you to have a container delivered to your premises to pack/ unpack at your premises and get it delivered/ dehired safely to its destination.

As we expertise in container transport so we can ensure that your goods will be in safe hands while transportation and will be provided quality service.

We can also assist in drop trailer services across Melbourne metro area.

    Skel wait del

    Skel Live Unload

    This service means that we wait on customer sites with the container on Standerd trailer to allow customer load/ unload containers at their premises which allows customers to use loading docks for multiple containers each day without holding their dock with empty containers on their site and helps them to utilise their loading docks more efficiently. 

    Skel Drop Trailer

    In this service, we drop the trailer at customer site and collect our trailer once customer has loaded/ unloaded the container in their own time without holding truck for hours on their site. 

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